AIFMD Annex IV reporting software

Simple, fast and secure


Import source data

Import external AIF data for AIFM consolidation in with standardised and well documented templates. Supports .xls .csv file formats.


Inspect AIFMD Annex IV

Inspect all sections of the AIF/AIFM reports in excel-like format. Clear error messages to indicate invalid data input.


Report to local regulators

Generate XML files for AIF and AIFM for all countries where Annex IV reports are required. The reports support local upload formats like ESMA 1.1, ESMA 1.2 and DNB.

1000+ validations

Enrichments, calculations and validations reduce the operational workload per AIF, with automated checks for completion.


Always up-to-date reporting template

Including a comprehensive description of what information is required for each field. Format / content checks for multiple jurisdictions, in line with ESMA requirements.


Get the right XML at the click of a button

Produce Annex IV reports for over 30 different countries from one single data feed. No rekeying of reports. Update the template and simply re-use your data. Save valuable time on the next reporting obligation.

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MiFID transaction reporting solution

Matterhorn offers a smart MiFID II / MiFIR transaction reporting software solution for trade reporting to your national competent authority. Our reporting software creates the mandatory daily transaction report in the required format, minimising the necessary input by re-using static data.


Light weight software

No installation required, only a web browser. It is an easy to use and cost-efficient solution containing over 1200 business & technical rules that can be rapidly implemented with a very small footprint. No client data will be transferred over the internet or stored on our servers.

Efficient User Interface

The user interface is based on pre-defined transaction reporting templates and is very intuitive, requiring virtually no training before use. After validation of the input data the transaction report can be directly uploaded to your National Competent Authority in the mandatory ISO 20022 format.

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Standalone AIFMD Annex IV reporting software at a competitive price point. For our MiFID transaction reporting solution get your free trial here.


  • 100% secure

  • Up-to-date template

  • Intuitive Excel-like ESMA report for final inspection

  • No installation required

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  • 100% secure

  • Up-to-date template

  • Intuitive Excel-like ESMA report for final inspection

  • No installation required

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Secure AIFMD Annex IV reporting in three simple steps: Import, Inspect and Report

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