About us

Matterhorn Reporting Services is a RegTech company guiding financial organizations to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex international regulatory environment. We do this by offering our Regulatory Reporting Hub (RegHub) applications that streamline and simplify your compliance and reporting obligations.

Our knowledgeable consultants constantly monitor the evolution of the different regulations and ensure our applications are always kept up-to-date.

Our Clients

Matterhorn provides regulatory reporting services for a wide range of clients from different financial sectors and regions. Our clients operate as Asset Managers, Banks, Brokers, Custodians, Fund Administrators and Fund Managers and are located within the EU/EFTA, North America and Asia. Clients range from small, medium to large enterprises including one of the largest Dutch and globally operating Asset Manager.

Our offerings

Matterhorn solutions enables clients to navigate the rocky terrain of regulatory reporting. The light footprint of our ReguHub requires no infrastructure and implementation effort. Matterhorn provides SaaS solutions that run immediately on all modern browsers. The intuitive user interface is very easy to use and requires virtually no training before using the system.

Strong in technology we follow up on market practices. We are backed by over 25 years of relevant experience.

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Matterhorn can assist clients in the assessment of reporting obligations and also help with extracting required data from client source systems. Our consultants have broad experience in a variety of fund administration, asset management and Financial Markets systems enabling them to deliver results quickly.