Case studies

Hear what clients say about Matterhorn's AIFMD Annex IV reporting software


Case study ACM

“With the AIFMD XML filing software from Matterhorn, Jens and his team managed to leverage their in-house expertise and be in control of the entire process.”

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Case study ITS

“For ITS it was a logical choice to select a supplier to generate the correct AIFMD reporting XML for the Annex IV reporting.”

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Case study Kaya Capital

“The Annex IV reporting template made Harteveld’s process efficient and cost-effective. The conversion to XML for AIFMD reporting is done with a few clicks.”

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Case study Proventus

“With the new AIFMD Annex IV reporting requirements, they didn’t have the internal set-up or capabilities to do the AIFMD annex IV reporting.”

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Case study Sectie5

“The combination of their Annex IV expertise combined with their technical know-how of developing the AIFMD reporting XML makes it really nice working with..”

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