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Nedvest Capital

Nedvest Capital

Nedvest’s Leap: Mastering Annex IV Reporting with Matterhorn’s Expertise

Nedvest, a distinguished family office, has carved out a niche in investing in robust Dutch SMEs. Managing three investment funds with a strategic focus on SME’s active in the Benelux markets, Nedvest is known as a pragmatic and hands-on investor in the investment world.

The introduction of a new AFM filing portal transformed the landscape of Annex IV reporting. The Excel-based methodologies, once a staple of their reporting arsenal, were no longer viable. This regulatory evolution necessitated a shift towards a more sophisticated reporting approach.

In their quest for a solution, Nedvest discovered Matterhorn Reporting Services at the close of 2019. Matterhorn, renowned for its proficiency in Annex IV reporting, was recommended by a fellow fund manager, a testament to the company’s standing in the AIFMD community.

Matterhorn’s Annex IV reporting tool was well received. Embedded with comprehensive checks and explanations, it streamlined Nedvest’s reporting process, ensuring both accuracy and compliance. The tool’s intuitive design significantly reduced the time and resources previously allocated to reporting, allowing Nedvest to focus on their core activity of investing in the best opportunities.

What truly distinguished Matterhorn in Nedvest’s eyes was their team’s accessibility and expertise. Inquiries via email or phone were met with prompt and insightful responses, underscoring Matterhorn’s commitment to client support. This hands-on approach resonated well with Nedvest and increased their understanding of the reporting process and the broader market.

Nedvest’s experience with Matterhorn was not about cost savings, the level of support and market acumen of the Matterhorn its service team justified the investment in the partnership. Their ability to navigate Nedvest through complex regulatory requirements was instrumental in enabling Nedvest to fulfill their legal obligations efficiently.

In concluding reflections, Nedvest describes Matterhorn reporting tool as user-friendly – a quality that Nedvest deemed essential for effective adoption.

Nedvest and Matterhorn’s partnership is a good example of a hands-on collaboration in navigating the evolving landscape of Annex IV Reporting - how Matterhorn can support fund managers seeking to harmonize AIFMD compliance with operational efficiency.

Thank you, Willemijn Karsten, for the interview!

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