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Langham Hall

Langham Hall

Could you explain briefly about your activities/regions?

Langham Hall is a partner-led global provider of administration and AIFMD services to top tier private equity, real estate, debt and infrastructure clients. Our offices are located in the main fund jurisdictions, i.e. London, Luxembourg, Jersey, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.

Can you tell us about your experience with AIFMD and Annex IV reporting prior to working with our company?

We used third-party software that does not focus exclusively on Annex IV reporting and is therefore not comparable. Our goal was to simplify the process and reduce it to the essentials.

How has Matterhorn helped you in terms of time and cost savings for your AIFMD Annex IV reporting?

Our initial setup required a larger data collection exercise every quarter beyond what is required (and also best practice) under AIFMD. Matterhorn helped us to streamline this process immensely.

Can you walk us through a specific challenge you faced in Annex IV reporting and how our team was able to help resolve it?

In addition to what has been mentioned above, Matterhorn helped us to convert larger amounts of fund data into the required format. We also appreciated the quick turnaround times and the great customer service.

How has the support of Matterhorn impacted the overall efficiency and accuracy of your Annex IV reporting process?

This has significantly reduced resource allocation and increased the efficiency of Annex IV reporting.

How have our services allowed you to focus more on your core responsibilities?

Reduced resource allocation and increased efficiency of Annex IV reporting allows staff to allocate more time to core functions. However, it is only a small part of the team which is involved in the Annex IV process.

How would you rate the level of support and communication you receive from the Matterhorn team? Do you have suggestions for improvements?

As mentioned above, the customer service and communication between Matterhorn and our team is great.

Would you recommend Matterhorn to your peers who are in need of AIFMD Annex IV reporting support? Why or why not?

Yes, we would definitely recommend Matterhorn for the above reasons.

Thank you, Christian Mohr, for the interview and trust in Matterhorn.

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