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BlockchainTraders: Pioneering Cryptocurrency Management with Annex IV reporting Support from Matterhorn

In the innovative sphere of cryptocurrency asset management, BlockchainTraders has emerged as a trailblazer. Founded in 2018, this Dutch company swiftly distinguished itself as one of the first crypto funds in Europe. Catering predominantly to a Dutch client base, they are also equipped to serve clients across Europe.

BlockchainTraders operates within the complex AIFMD landscape, an environment rife with regulatory challenges. As a registered entity under the AIFMD light regime, they are obligated to submit annual reports to both the AFM and the Dutch Central Bank. The initial phase of setting up compliance structures was daunting. However, with the assistance of a seasoned legal team experienced in the crypto sector, BlockchainTraders successfully navigated these regulatory waters within six months.

Prior to their partnership with Matterhorn, BlockchainTraders faced significant challenges in Annex IV reporting. The lack of a structured format led to time-consuming processes and increased the risk of errors. Seeking a solution, they discovered Matterhorn, drawn by its reputation for easy-to-use software offered at a fair price. A decisive webinar showcasing Matterhorn’s capabilities sealed the deal.

The impact of Matterhorn’s services on BlockchainTraders was profound. Where Annex IV reporting once required a full week’s effort from two full-time employees, Matterhorn’s solution reduced this to a single day. This efficiency gain allowed BlockchainTraders to refocus their resources on enhancing their funds’ performance.

Matterhorn’s distinction lies in its personal support. The ability to readily consult Matterhorn’s team, including specialists, for any reporting queries has been invaluable. Regular updates on reporting deadlines, changes in AIFMD reporting requirements, and educational webinars contribute to what BlockchainTraders considers an exemplary level of communication.

BlockchainTraders enthusiastically recommends Matterhorn to peers, highlighting the significant time savings and the opportunity to concentrate on product and strategy enhancement for clients.

Looking ahead, BlockchainTraders is poised for ambitious growth. Their focus is set on attracting institutional clients and expanding their funds, aiming to become the largest and best-performing crypto fund in Europe. Their commitment to top-notch cyber security, compliance, and investor communication through advanced online portals and apps positions them as a top choice for investors seeking exposure in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

In summary, BlockchainTraders’ journey with Matterhorn Reporting Services exemplifies a successful collaboration, blending pioneering crypto asset management with stringent compliance and Annex IV reporting excellence.

Thank you, Justin Kool, for the interview!

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