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Sanne LIS S.A. ("FundRock LIS")

Sanne LIS S.A. ("FundRock LIS")

Matterhorn Reporting Services and Sanne LIS S.A. (“FundRock LIS”): A Successful Partnership

Sanne LIS S.A. a leading third-party AIFM in Luxembourg, operating under the Fundrock LIS brand, has had a transformative experience with Matterhorn Reporting Services, particularly in the realm of AIFMD Annex IV reporting. In a recent interview with Marc Boesen from Sanne LIS S.A., we delve into the specifics of their collaboration, revealing insights into the numerous benefits brought about by Matterhorn’s adept services.

Sanne LIS Core Activities

Marc Boesen began by outlining the central activities of Sanne LIS. “We are a third-party AIFM based in Luxembourg,” Boesen shared. “Our primary role is to deliver fund solutions to internationally recognized investment managers and fund initiators. We predominantly focus on illiquid asset classes like private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and debt.”

Challenges Before Matterhorn’s Involvement

Upon being questioned about their experience with AIFMD and Annex IV reporting before partnering with Matterhorn, Boesen commented on the time-consuming nature of the task. “Creating the Annex IV reports was a lengthy process,” he recalls. However, their decision to outsource the responsibility of Annex IV reporting to Matterhorn Reporting Services at an early stage turned out to be a game-changer.

The Matterhorn Advantage

When asked about the tangible benefits that Matterhorn brought to the table, Boesen was quick to highlight the significant time savings. “All we need to do now in a first step is provide the NAV-Packages for the relevant funds to Matterhorn.”

Beyond the operational benefits, what really sets Matterhorn apart from its competitors, according to Boesen, is their competitive fee structure and their team’s flexibility. He particularly emphasized their swift response time, noting it as a distinctive edge in the market.

Feedback on Support and Communication

Marc Boesen had high praise for the level of support and communication from the Matterhorn team, succinctly describing it as “committed.” While he did not explicitly provide suggestions for improvements on this topic, his overall positive tone suggests a high level of satisfaction with the partnership.

Would Sanne LIS Recommend Matterhorn?

Conclusively, Boesen was posed with the question of whether he’d recommend Matterhorn’s services to his industry peers. Without hesitation, his answer was a resounding “Yes.” Reiterating his earlier points, he cited both the cost-effectiveness and the team’s flexibility and promptness as primary reasons for his endorsement.

In sum, Sanne LIS´s collaboration with Matterhorn Reporting Services stands as a testament to Matterhorn’s proficiency and commitment to providing top-notch AIFMD Annex IV reporting support. This partnership not only enhanced operational efficiency for Sanne LIS but also underscored the unparalleled value that Matterhorn brings to its clients.

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