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The AIFMD Annex IV transparency reporting requirements represent a major challenge for Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM). All authorised and registered AIFMs are required to periodically report to their local regulators on each AIF they manage or market within the European Union.

Why use Matterhorn AIFMD Annex IV reporting software

Matterhorn offers a smart AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution which operates more efficient than other solutions that are available in the market, allowing you to reduce your annual regulatory reporting costs significantly. It requires minimal input to create both the AIF and AIFM AIFMD Annex IV reports. Subsequent AIFMD Annex IV reports take very limited time to complete as data is re-used to a large extent. XML AIFMD Annex IV output files are created and can be uploaded with a few mouse clicks to all EU regulators.

Matterhorn offers software solutions for clients with both large and small number of AIF’s to be reported. As the number of reports grows the efficiency of the application increases. Operational workload is minimal when connected to your source systems. The AIFM and AIF reports (XML) will be generated automatically and can be filed immediately. No emailing of data required. Our software solution is completely secure.

The intuitive user interface is very easy to use and requires virtually no user training before using the system and no installation.

If your firm prefers to outsource the AIFMD Annex IV report creation, please have a look at our regulatory reporting service.

Annex IV reporting in three simple steps: Import, Inspect and Report

  • Import data with standardized and well documented templates for Fund manager, funds, positions,…
  • Import external AIF data for AIFM consolidation
  • Import data in different file formats (.xls, .csv, etc)
  • Import and combine data from multiple source systems
  • Flexibility to organize source data by multiple files, single file and/or multi-tab excels
  • Validate import data based on ESMA’s guidelines (ESMA 1.2) and highlight errors and warnings
  • Clear error messages and colors to identify data problem
  • Retain static data for subsequent AIFMD Annex IV report filings
After succesful import:
  • Inspect all sections of the AIF reports in excel-like format
  • Inspect all sections of the AIFM report in excel-like format
After succesful Inspection:
  • Generate XML files for AIF and AIFM with a click of the mouse,
  • For each of the countries in which Annex IV reports need to be filed
  • Support of local upload formats (ESMA 1.1, ESMA 1.2, DNB, etc)
  • File compression (ZIP, GZIP, etc) in accordance with the local regulator
  • File names in accordance with the local regulator
  • For non-EU Alternative Investment managers and Funds file to all required regulators in one-go

Matterhorn Managers Report (AIFM) consolidation Solution

For Fund Managers Matterhorn offers a software solution in which AIF Annex IV data from multiple reporting providers can be integrated into a single AIFM report.

AIFMD Annex IV Implementation Consultancy

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the AIFMD Annex IV regulation, filing to the different regulators and take responsibility for a successful implementation.

Why use the Matterhorn AIFMD Annex IV application?

The Matterhorn AIFMD Annex IV reporting software has been designed to retain all data required for the AIFMD Annex IV report only within the client environment.

No report-data will be transferred over the internet or stored on Matterhorn servers, making the application highly secure.

  With each logon the client recieves the latest software ensuring 100% compliance with the lastest ESMA requirements.
Matterhorn smart AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.  Matterhorn hosts its Regulatory Reporting software in a European located data center with class-leading  security, meeting regional compliance and data residency requirements.

The SaaS AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution is deployed over the internet and automatically updated to ensure compliance with the latest ESMA guidelines.

With our SaaS solution your organization is provided with a complete, flexible and secure solution for your AIFMD Annex IV reporting. The SaaS solution offers scalability, round the clock accessibility and great reliability.

At request our AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution can also be privately hosted or on premises.
Matterhorn smart AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution imports data in different file formats (.xls, .csv, etc) and can combine data from multiple source systems

For more automation, quickly link your systems and applications to the Matterhorn Regulatory Reporting Hub. For commonly used Alternative Investment core systems Matterhorn offers seamless integration using specific adapters like eFront.
Matterhorn smart AIFMD Annex IV reporting software solution requires minimal input for creation of the complete report. Subsequent reports take even less time to complete as data is re-used to a large extend.
Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the AIFMD Annex IV regulation & the local filing requirements of the different EU regulators enabling them to efficiently highlight your data and process requirements ensuring full compliance with your AIFMD Annex IV reporting obligations.

Our professionals take full responsibility for a successful implementation.  Your Success is Ours.

The Matterhorn AIFMD Annex IV application mirrors the ESMA Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD Annex IV) and local regulator guidance with extensive validations ensuring report acceptance by the different regulators.

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What is AIFMD Annex IV transparancy reporting?

As part of the reporting obligations under AIFMD, all European registered alternative asset managers marketing into the EU or EEA are required by ESMA to report to their particular jurisdiction under AIFMD. Non-EU alternative fund asset managers are also required to file an AIFMD Annex IV report in all ESMA jurisdictions into which they market.

There are two ESMA AIFMD Annex IV report categories:

  • AIFM report, providing details of the manager and a consolidated view of the assets they manage
  • AIF report, has to be completed for each fund, contains details of the assets held by the fund, the risks to which it is exposed, the types of investor holding shares or interests in the fund and much more

AIFMD Third Country Passport

The AIFMD regulates the management and marketing of alternative investment funds (such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate funds) in the EU. It provides for a European ‘passport’ which allows alternative investment funds managers (AIFMs) to manage and/or market alternative investment funds (AIFs) across the European Union (EU), on the basis of a single authorization by their local regulator.

In the future the AIFMD envisages the extension of the European passport to AIFMs and AIFs from third countries, and has mandated the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to advise the European Parliament, Council and the European Commission. At this moment no Third country passports have been granted.

Non-EU / EEA (Third Country) AIFMs, for exampe Caymen Islands Hong Kong, Singapore Switzerland, the United States but also Guernsey, Jersey & Isle of Man, wishing to manage or market AIFs in the EU, and EU AIFMs marketing non-EU AIFs, do not have a European passport, so any marketing of such AIFs may only be carried out in compliance with the private placement rules of each EU country into which the AIF is sold and require regular filings of the AIFMD annex IV report to each of the regulators of the relevant EU countries.

Brexit and AIFMD Third Country Passport

Currently, UK AIFMs can manage and market EU AIFs across the EU on the basis of authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority. However, if the UK is outside the European Economic Area post Brexit, UK AIFMs will be considered as third country AIFMs and will lose their European passport.

AIFMD Annex IV reporting requirements

The scope of AIFMD Annex IV reporting to be completed depends on a number of factors including the assets under management (AuM), the degree of leverage, the type of assets held and whether the AIFM is registered or authorised.

AUM calculation:

For funds that hold derivatives the regulatory AUM is not the same as the NAV.  A specific calculation is needed to value the aggregate nominal value of the derivative underlying.


This is calculated as the risk exposure divided by the NAV – but there are two risk exposure calculation methods (commitment and gross)


ESMA guidelines prescribe a classification schema for portfolio assets and these need to be mapped against existing characteristics in your core systems.


Once finalized the report has to be rendered into the correct XML format required by the country’s national competent authority, and then needs to be submitted. This requires in depth technical knowledge.


Syntax and logical checks must be performed. Fund managers must make sure that they have a clear audit trail to explain, field by field, where the data originated from, how it was transformed, and if there were amendments, who did what.

The report

Compiling the report entails collecting, enriching, classifying and validating data from multiple sources and performing complex calculations. Fund managers must ensure that the reports are delivered on time and in the correct format (which will depend on the system used by the national competent authority in question).



The deadline for the first filing of the AIFMD Annex IV report is 30 days after the end of the first reporting period, once the AIFM has been authorised. In order to meet their regulatory responsibilities on time, fund managers must ensure that they have the necessary technical know-how and capabilities in place to meet the challenge of Annex IV.

Relevant documentation:
• 20180703 ESMA updated AIFMD and UCITS Q&As (PDF)

• ESMA Guidelines on reporting obligations under Articles 3(3)(d) and 24(1), (2) and (4) of the AIFMD Annex IV (PDF)

• ESMA AIFMD Annex IV reporting Technical Guidance (ZIP)

• FCA Reporting AIFMD Annex IV transparency information under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (PDF)