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Case studies

Hear what clients say about Matterhorn's AIFMD Annex IV reporting software

“When asked about the tangible benefits that Matterhorn brought to the table, Boesen was quick to highlight the significant time savings.”

Sanne LIS S.A. ("FundRock LIS")

“This has significantly reduced resource allocation and increased the efficiency of Annex IV reporting.”

Langham Hall

“It feels good to be in control of the entire process. We worked more efficiently and saved time on the turnaround, and therefore we could allocate our resources better. Ultimately, we reduced the operational risk of outsourcing the process and saved a considerable amount of money.”

AVEGA Capital Management

“From the first moment we got in touch with Matterhorn, there was a great connection. They understood our requirements and demonstrated a deep expertise in AIFMD regulatory reporting, presumably due to their wide variety of clients. Swift processing and ongoing support. These men know what they are talking about.”

Institutional Trust Services

“The combination of their Annex IV expertise combined with their technical know-how of developing the AIFMD reporting XML makes it really comfortable working with them. They were the missing piece in our organisation.”


“I think my reporting is better now than it was before. I’m more confident that we are following the latest regulations, and I’m not worried about getting reprimands from the regulator.”


“New Tower Trust Company praised the level of support and communication they have received from the Matterhorn team. The quality and professionalism of the service were described as excellent, which further strengthened their confidence in the partnership.”

NewTower Trust Company

“They offer an efficient standalone solution, and compared to their competitors, at a very reasonable price point.”

Kaya Capital

“BlockchainTraders enthusiastically recommends Matterhorn to peers, highlighting the significant time savings and the opportunity to concentrate on product and strategy enhancement for clients.”


“The tool’s intuitive design significantly reduced the time and resources previously allocated to reporting, allowing Nedvest to focus on their core activity of investing in the best opportunities.”

Nedvest Capital

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