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Matterhorn Reporting Services and ComplianceWise Luxembourg announced their merger

Matterhorn Reporting Services and ComplianceWise Luxembourg announced their merger

Press Release – May 2023 – Luxemburg

Matterhorn Reporting Services, a leading provider of regulatory reporting solutions, and ComplianceWise Luxembourg - Annex IV Solutions, announced their merger today. The combined companies will operate under the name Matterhorn Reporting Services and deliver Annex IV Reporting solutions for clients throughout Europe. This is an exciting development for both companies, as it enables them to expand their services geographically and also broaden their range of solutions.

With nearly a decade of experience, Matterhorn Reporting Services ( has been a leading force in Annex IV Reporting. They have consistently offered reliable reporting software to over 400 Fund Managers, facilitating the submission of over ten thousand AIFMD Annex IV reports annually to EEA and UK regulators. On the other hand, ComplianceWise Luxembourg - Annex IV Solutions has established a strong reputation for servicing clients in Luxembourg by providing comprehensive services and generating Annex IV reports on their behalf.

The merger benefits existing Matterhorn clients by introducing the option of full-service Annex IV Reporting. Likewise, ComplianceWise Luxembourg - Annex IV Solutions' clients gain access to Matterhorn's skilled development team and other reporting solutions. This will create a more diverse offering and enable clients to choose the solution that best meets their needs.

The leadership of the merged company will consist of Jeroen Cremer (CEO), Tijs Huisman (CTO), and Olaf van Halm (COO), ensuring a seamless integration of their operations. Clients from both companies can expect the same high level of service and support, with no disruption to their reporting obligations. For more information, please visit


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